Emergency Help

Are you in a situation where you dont have a place to live? Are you fearful that you might not be able to find a shelter because of your status or background? Don't worry. We actually have handled cases like this before. Here are some tips for what you should do to help yourself the fastest you can.

1. Call your treatment provider if you have one. Many treatment providers for mental and behavioral health centers and programs have knowledge of where you might be able to go. We have received calls from treatment providers before and when we get a call like that, we go to work as soon as we receive it. In fact today we are doing just that. We are contacting the shelter and re-contacting the treatment provider. It happens that fast.

2. Call us. We cant guarantee that we can get you placed but you might be able to get placed simply by making that call. We put you in a database and we start making more phone calls. The more phone calls that are made the faster you can get answers.

3. Go…

Change Log 1

We wanted to take a brief moment to talk about one of the changes we discussed in our previous post about what we are adding and what we are taking away.

The alliance file box is getting huge. It is also getting expensive. Through a well intended set of procedures we usually have to do about 5 steps every time we go into someones file. Through those 5 steps we have two standard forms we use. Each of those forms in 40 files means we have to produce 80 pages of materials about every 2 months just for file access. Plus the cost of the paper, the stamp, and then any other forms we need to produce and we are looking at several dollars a file. This is money we dont have to spend on something that is virtually un-needed.

We can produce the same result digitally in about 3 steps per file. This saves all of that money and all of that time. The computer automatically gives a digital signature when we access a file and that solves the problem area from our audit. But while a system like that is …

Whats On Tap?

We here at the PA Felons Aid Alliance are always looking to improve our selves. In the past we have tried a lot of things and through trial and error we are starting to learn what works and what doesn't. In an effort to be more transparent and active we are going to change some things.

So we figured we would start here with a clear cut list of what we are doing online and what we are doing in real life.

Website Changes Coming Soon.
- We will be adding more content for a general audience: We dont want you to visit our website and feel as though its not the place for you. We had two problems. First, people with misdemeanors are turning away thinking we were all about felons. Second, people with no record and no family with a record were turning away thinking this was only a site for people in the criminal justice system. WE ARE SHIFTING SOME OF THAT FOCUS. We want everyone to feel as though there is something here for them. We are going to be adding articles about net sa…

2018 Spring Update

Well Spring is here and its time for an update.

We have been very busy here at the Felons Aid Alliance. Dealing with people online is difficult in some cases and we have been working to restructure our entire system. Our phone was ringing off the hook with spam callers and our email was not much better. This was watering down our efforts so we have chosen to scale back a bit in some places and re-organize in others.

Here is what is happening.

1. We have been working to change our file system. Which includes our forms and the format for communication with individuals. We want to keep simplicity at the core of what we do and to help keep our communications properly on the record and secure.

2. We have rethought our board of advisors, we have trimmed fat, added substance, and made things more workable. We are happy to say we have a 4 person board of advisors and those 4 people are not just local but active.

3. We have been working to redo our website. For now the ease of access to our s…

Why We Never Ran The David Packer Story

We advertised a lot back in the winter about a man named David Packer and the murder of his daughter by his now ex wife. We talked extensively about running a story with an interview we had obtained with Packer. But the story never ran and we started to get questions.

A 3 step way to acheive your goals.

What you are and what you want to become in life are built into your imagination. Whether you are a homeless beggar, rich, a stay at home parent, or a hardworking single person. Weather you are black or white, gay or straight. Weather you are someone who has never broken the law or you are a thief, a liar, a murderer, or a drug addict ... you can be anything your mind says you want to be.

Step 1
Take ownership. 
Decide that your life needs to change. Decide what you want to do and lay out what it is exactly and how that can be achieved. Take ownership that your idea is yours and that you will do it.
You will not feel good about the steps. You will hate what has to happen to get you to your goal.
But you must own that fact. Raise your standard to a level that will take you to your goal.

Step 2
Act within 5 seconds.
When you get up on day one don't hesitate. Instantly move to your goal. Don't stop and don't look back. You will have about a 5 second window before your brain will tr…

New Service, Plarn Mats for The Homeless

We are excited to make two big announcements this week. First is the appointment of our 4th board member. Jesse. He is now an appointed board member as we move closer to a 501(c)(3) and Non Profit status.

Our second big announcement is our newest service. Plarn sleeping mats for the homeless. We will be making Plastic Yarn recycled mats and then distributing them to churches that locate homeless individuals. These mats are waterproof, 100% recycled and keep homeless men and women off of the ground.

We plan to make a bunch of these mats again this year and to get them to an organization that can distribute them to the homeless.

We are not accepting mailed mats anymore.

If you want to help donate completed mats or help us make mats please use our contact form to get in touch with us.

Thank You!