Update 3-1-2020

Important Update About Our Future

Hers is an update on the PA Felons Aid Alliance and the reasoning behind this decision.

This has been a hard road. Many decisions went into my decision to close the PA Felons Aid Alliances activities. They are listed below. I would like to thank anyone who tuned in to see what was happening or who was hopeful that we would come to fruition. Maybe some day we will be for now its not on the table. I am sad that we are closing down the work we wanted to do. I feel its letting a lot of people down. But I cant shout in an empty room and expect to keep doing that. Its like talking to a wall.

Decision: We have decided to officially end all designation as "The PA Felons Aid Alliance". This includes online, in print, and by word of mouth.

Reasoning: Factors are listed below.
1. Little or no response from anyone interested in the project. Basically it became me talking to anyone who would listen and nothing further. We received no responses from letter, no return phone calls, no return emails, and no submissions to this site. Those from the Progress CCC legislation talked a good game about wanting to change things but as soon as they got out they became unreachable. It was (as always) mostly about their release. There are 1 or 2 who still fight but again they fight alone.

2. With no response comes no help in making this operation legitimate. I cant form and run a 501C3 alone.

3. The PA Prison Society deciding to shift away from advocating for felons and for those on parole. Again we cant fight this alone. Such a huge organizations leaders deciding to ice activities that may have made headway with felons and those with serious records may have solidified those issues for the foreseeable future.

4. We still feel that the facility known as Progress CCC should not exist and that the events carried out there by its directors prior to its reformation at the end of our lawsuits were criminal and a violation of human rights. We will continue to stand for that and we will be speaking with a few individuals about writing a book. We are certain a lawsuit will not be the best route but instead exposure of the issues may be more beneficial. If anyone reads this who is interested in writing about my time in prison in book format I am willing to share my story with you. Get in touch!

The Future For Us: We will continue our work with a few grassroots people and continue to operate this site as Felon Help. We will simply have links to news and websites with help for those with criminal records. We will only engage in lobbyist work with our partners who have integrity and we will of course try to keep in touch with inmates who still desperately need help. We will eventually consider reformation when the time is more right.

Actions Taken: We have removed our listings from Google. As well as, discarding our documents and we have redeveloped this site to be of a more generic listing.