Considering The Future

Sometimes in life we have paths that we take to achieve a goal we have in mind. When I was at Progress CCC I had it in my mind to start this organization. I had pretty huge plans and a lot of ambition. But as things like this go, time went by and that ambition and those plans started to get lost in the world of things.

I have always wanted to do good work for people and to achieve something. But to date I am not sure what this organization serves to do anymore. I am unable to get the attention of our local lawmakers, I made several attempts to tour our local prison and to suggest changes. In our community where I live it is very hostile to things like this, and I have no money or support. Most of the people who would volunteer for something like this simply don't have the means to commit if we were to get a grant, get a building, and become legitimate.

In the end lawmakers and prison officials will keep treating people as less then human. They will laugh at efforts like this, a…

Scam Warning (please read)

It is an ongoing and developing situation but a scam involving those on the Megans Law registry is starting to spread across PA. Several states have previously reported an outbreak of scams all centered around someone being on the registry. Now it is starting to show up in more places in PA.

The Call: Someone will call you claiming to be an officer, a sheriff, or something similar. They will give you a badge number and maybe even what office they are out of. They will tell you that you are in violation of your Megans Law registration. They will tell you a warrant is out for your arrest. Then they will ask that you clear the warrant by paying with a credit card or gift card. They may even ask for the mileage of your vehicle and for you to keep in contact while you go to the store or the bank and retrieve the money.

What to do? Hang up the phone and call your local state police. Tell them you were just target for a scam and explain what happened on the phone. Give the police the scamm…

Getting a job as a felon.

During a job interview an employer will be asking you a lot of questions about who you are as a person and a worker and what skills you possesses. Some of the scariest hurdles felons and those with any criminal background have to face are in the job interview. How do you explain a 12 year lapse in work? What do you say about the criminal record you know they are about to find you? The answers to those and many more questions in this new feature to our site.
No matter how many jobs you interview for you will face that many different interview styles and questions. You will get the boss who is to tired to care about what they are doing. You will face 3 of them at once all firing questions at you at the same time. You will face the funny person, the sleepy person, the angry person, and the dry humorless person. No matter what though you can guarantee that a certain set of preparations and actions on your part can give you whatever you need to get through it.
1. Show that You Know. One o…

Happy 2019

Happy New year from The PA Felons Aid Alliance!

Hopeful that All Have a Wonderful Holiday

Despite your circumstances this Holiday Season we hope you are in good spirits. We are there for you.
Go to our contact page and get in touch with us if you need to talk!
Leave a message and we will be sure to get back to you.

NARSOL Message

Today I got an email from NARSOL that I thought might be beneficial to a number of people.
Remmber there is always someone you can contact when you are feeling down. Or just to talk.

Body of Email
The holiday season, which is so loaded with high expectations and wishes and memories, can be stressful for anybody. But it can be especially challenging for persons required to register and for their loved ones. Supervision rules, housing and proximity restrictions, stigma, rejection... all can be major stressors at this time of year. We get it.
NARSOL is please to offer, for the first time, a fully staffed helpline on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. When we put out a call for volunteers, the response was overwhelming! We had to expand the available slots, and they were all filled in less than 48 hours. These volunteers all have intimate knowledge of what being on the registry is like and how difficult holidays can be, and they are ha…

November 2018 Changes

HEADQUARTERS — In what I am hoping will be a monthly or at least bi-monthly exercise I am pleased to be able to once again update everyone on our site here (stats etc) and our alliance.
First order of business is our site stats:
Our last several basic posts have gained significant views organically with no boost on our part.We will no longer be sharing content from here to G+ since that platform is closing down.We will no longer be sharing content to FacebookYou are still free to share our articles wherever you wish provided you share a link back to the site.Our website will be funded for at least 3 more years thanks to ongoing supporters. As with any update we hope these changes are well received and that they make sense. If ever you have a question about anything just comment below and we will be sure to answer you as soon as we can. We moderate all comments so please use respectful language and keep in mind boundaries.

As for the alliance there are also numerous updates for that as we…