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  • Jason Stover

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    You can contact me.. (570)939-0008.

  • John Mckinstry

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    I believe people should have a second chance.

  • Michelle Sargent

    Creative Coordinator

    I find solutions that are impossible, 'for most.

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  • Blowing The Lid Off! Junk Science meets Cold Hard Facts.

    Coming soon.
    We will be doing a an in depth and shocking article about the most controversial criminal justice topic currently in our society. We will reveal the junk sceince and the court cases that are shaping the fix that should have come years ago.
    Join as as we study and reveal the truth in this explosive story.
    We will be publishing in about a week. So dont miss out.

  • Where are we?

    Hi, you may have noticed a profound lack of communication from us recently.
    Have no fear we are preparing our selves for several things.

    1. We are moving to center county Pennsylvania. This will enable us to have a full time independent office, a dedicated system, and a more central location to a number of state prisons.

    2. We are preparing everything to become a nationally recoginezed convicted persons, prisoner, parolee, and etc families organization. We are get our paperwork, funding, and contacts all lined up for that.

    3. We are critically low on supplies, funding, volunteers, and time. Simply put, untill we improve all of the above we are operating as minimal as we can.

    So there you have it. The 3 reasons why you dont see much of us right now. But have no fear. We will be emerging very strong, loud, and organized very soon. Here is what you can look forward to in the next 90 days.

    - A full featured app.
    - An improved function website.
    - Volunteer opertunities.
    - New forms, and mailings.
    - New options for assistance.
    - New contact details, and expanded contact options (10 different social media sites and internet locations).
    - a 1 800 number
    - plus a few other surprises like the unavailing of our new national name.
  • PA May Have To Roll Back More than 4000 Sex Offenders.

    In an outcome no one saw coming. The Supreme Court ruled this week that the retroactive portions of SORNA (Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act) are unconstitutional. The decision basically boils down to two simple lines of thought.

    Line 1. Those who were upgraded or altered in registration requirements or term length who's offenses predate the active date of SORNA will be rolled back to Megans Law 2 requirements. They would roll back to Megans Law 3 but ML3 was deemed unconstitutional and therefore does not technically exist.

    What does this mean? Its unclear right now exactly how this will play out. Some estimations put the number of effected registrants at 4000+. That's a large number of registered offenders who could roll back to 10 year registrations (many of which expired by now) and SVP labeled offenders would now be able to get SVP reconsideration. Furthermore some offenders who committed offenses as juveniles but are held to adult charges may be removed from the registry all together.

    Line 2. Those who are in prison for failure to register but who's offenses predate SORNA's effective date, may be in jail for an offense that does not any longer apply to them.

    What does this mean? Its unclear of the number of registered offenders who are in jail for failure to register. However the number is considered large enough by some to be "alarming" due to the number who may very suddenly be released from prison.

    How can someone get relief under this decision? So far legal experts are being very cautious in telling offenders what to do. The main idea is that time limits would apply and you could delay your case being applied by the state in a court action. The best advice they are giving right now is to let legal experts work out how this will play out.

    What have others said? Though this case is massive it is still early. Victim advocates and rights groups have not fully weighed in. The public is (understandably) distressed believing this to be a major problem. But so far the only sources other than prisons rights groups and lawyers who have weighed in are news outlets who are not legal experts. At this time its far to early to tell what the end result will be and its best to continue doing things normally until this case become more clear.

    The state is likely forming an organized effort to determine the best course of action to apply this decision without the courts being flooded or the public being placed into any kind of danger.

    We will report as more becomes available.

    BREAKING INFORMATION *****************

    The Victim Advocate says it will likely appeal the decision by the state supreme court saying that the decision can potentially harm victims who would not only feel like the state failed them again but also prevent any kind of closure. They want to also push for legislation that would ensure that a judge or jury in the future of SORNA would determine a persons length of time on the registry as part of sentencing. That way decisions like this cant happen again.

    Many lawyers and both District Attorney offices and Public Defenders are saying that the future of SORNA and the concept of a sexual offender registry are now in "dire jeopardy". The State Police say the courts decision may directly impact how the registry is maintained in the future and they are unsure how they are going to uphold what the court has decided and still ensure public confidence in the registry.
  • Why We Never Ran The David Packer Story

    We advertised a lot back in the winter about a man named David Packer and the murder of his daughter by his now ex wife. We talked extensively about running a story with an interview we had obtained with Packer. But the story never ran and we started to get questions.

  • 3 Step Life Hack, That Can Make You Unstopable.

    What you are and what you want to become in life are built into your imagination. Whether you are a homeless beggar, a rich playboy, a stay at home mom, or a hardworking single woman. Weather you are black or white, gay or straight. Weather you are someone who has never broken the law or you are a thief, a liar, a murderer, a child molester, or a drug addict...You can be anything your mind says you want to be.

    Step 1
    Take ownership. 
    Decide that your life needs to change. Decide what you want to do and lay out what it is exactly and how that can be achieved. Take ownership that your idea is yours and that you will do it.
    You will not feel good about the steps. You will hate what has to happen to get you to your goal.
    But you must own that fact. Raise your standard to a level that will take you to your goal.

    Step 2
    Act within 5 seconds.
    When you get up on day one don't hesitate. Instantly move to your goal. Don't stop and don't look back. You will have about a 5 second window before your brain will try to stop you. Don't give it a chance. Be in motion to your goal before your mind can talk you out of it. If you do not act you will fall back down and your brain will convince you that its time to sit down and quit.

    Step 3
    Never Settle.
    When you are no longer willing to tolerate results you are getting you will finally succeed. The most notable thing about people who achieve amazing things is that they had goals. People who have never settled for the bad that comes their way never stop being successful.
    Nothing will be easy but you can get any result you want if you think you can and you commit.

    So what are you waiting for? Go after your goal.
    Comment below with your goals or ideas. We will help you achieve them and do a feature article about it!

  • New Service, Plarn Mats for The Homeless

    We are excited to make two big announcements this week. First is the appointment of our 4th board member. Jesse Stover of Pennsylvania is now an appointed board member as we move closer to a 501(c)(3) and Non Profit status.

    Our second big announcement is our newest service. Plarn sleeping mats for the homeless. We will be making Plastic Yarn recycled mats and then distributing them to churches that locate homeless individuals. These mats are waterproof, 100% recycled and keep homeless men and women off of the ground.

    We are going to begin making these mats and then distributing them.
    If you are interested in producing these mats to help us. Mail completed plarn mats following the directions posted below, to us. We ask that the mats be adult sized, and avoid colors like red or blue as best as you can.

    We can not reimburse you for these donations and you can not write them off in your taxes but you would be doing a wonderful service to your fellow human!
    Mail mats to 2093 buffalo creek road, Mifflinburg, PA 17844. If you wish you can also donate clean, flat and carefully folded plastic grocery bags to our address as well.

    Other items you can send are WetNaps, small plastic cups, toothbrush and toothpaste kits, combs, and small deodorant. Basically any fast little items a homeless person could use.

    Thank You!

  • New Law May Effect You

    New Legislation in the Pennsylvania government aims to give more power to courts, county official, and the Department of Corrections to take money owed to the court house and the crime victim.
    The supporters of the bill say it will make it easier for crime victims to receive the restitution owed to them. The house passed 4 bills that aim to ensure these payments are made.

    The bills claim to make it easier for counties to collect restitution; authorize wage attachment; require that any bail money be applied to restitution; and require that the Department of Corrections make mandatory deductions from inmate accounts.

    In addition to meeting restitution, the bills also contain provisions that would make it more mandatory for criminals to pay their fines cost and restitution.

    The bills are now headed to the state Senate.

    Opponents of the bill would like to point out that its already nearly imposible to find a job as a felon. Mandating these payments without considering employment or wages will garuante an increase in returns to prison.

    What do you think? Comment below with your opinions to these bills and weather you think they were needed or not.
  • Scientifically Proven Way to Get Viewers

    Hey, check it out, the PA Felons Aid Alliance page is vastly different.
    We have altered our entire look. We want to move beyond the blog and more towards what we do. We came to this realization when we took note that only on rare occasions do our posts about various topics actually get traction and get shares and comments.
    So, we moved all of our discussion pieces to a new home, COMING SOON, and we now have our alliance services and departments in a newly formatted places.
    We hope you enjoy. Feel free to let us know if you have suggestions, or find bugs. We thank everyone. Enjoy our new look and feel.

  • Experts Locate Missing Content

    Recently you may have noticed a trend. We post a clip of some compelling article or news bite, but it ends mid thought or is promised. It might say: "coming this week, the exciting story from the turkeys perspective.". If you have noticed these we did part one of our job.

    But what you also no doubt noticed is that quite a few of them aren't showing up later. They are promised but never fullfilled. We actually have a great reason for this.

    When you manage a website or app you can never see someone's reaction to something. It's not like face to face. In the web you can only see the results of their reaction. That comes as either comment or page view.

    When we post these article teasers we look at engagement, or the number of pageviews, shares, and comments. Now. We know we have readers. I can see devices used, browsers, country, etc. But you readers aren't interactive with us. We rarely get comments and rarely direct shares. So all we have is pageviews.

    We base the effort and speed we invest in an article by its pageviews. If a teaser were shared, commented on, and viewed we would "haul ass" to finish it.
    But without greater then 50 unique views we have to do it at our own pace. We only have so many people volunteering to help.

    Rest assured all those promised stories will be posted, but it's entirely up to you.
    You are the reader, we do this for you.
    If you really want to see a promised story or have one to suggest hit that comment button and leave your message. We rarely take down messages. When your done share it on Facebook and Twitter and Reddit and wherever else you can. If we get tons of views and comments we will move much faster.

    This website is a democracy, we move at your pace and in your direction.

    It's time we hear from our readers.
    Everyone is listening. Hit comment below and talk.

    What are you waiting for?
  • New Facebook Ruling May Impact You

    The Supreme Court this week debated about a North Carolina Law that restricts some felons from using Facebook and Twitter.
    The decision was made to side with North Carolina. So in the time being the law will stand.
    However. In the continuation of the fight against sites like Facebook banning some types of felons two of the justices made points that will have to be considered by the social media giant.

    Justice Ginsburg:
    "the point is that these people are being cut off from a very large part of the marketplace of ideas. And the First Amendment includes not only the right to speak, but the right to receive information.”

    Justice Kagan agreed:
    “Whether it’s political community, whether it’s religious community — I mean, these sites have become embedded in our culture as ways to communicate and ways to exercise our constitutional rights,”
    Whatever the current court decision, the result is clear. There are, as the supreme court put it, far better ways to protect the public. Restrictions like a website banning certain people for their criminal past only severe to alienate and restrict those people. Making them nontaxable, unemployable, and burdens even beyond incarceration and supervision.

  • What We Did this Week May Suprise You

    This week and last week we have been in several meetings. We are trying to set up a local network to help those in our two local county jails. We also want to help anyone locally who has a criminal record, don't worry our state wide efforts will continue! We figure if we can develop an efficient model in our local area we can expand that to our state wide efforts.But its not like people are lining up around the block. We need volunteers, supplies, and lots of help from officials. What many people forget is that I don't earn a salary for this. So its a completely without compensation opportunity that I feel blessed to take part in.
    So, our first step is to speak to anyone in government and politics (I agree that the word politics is not very appealing). Once we open lines of communication we can begin to enter the prison and speak to the inmates. If we can determine what their problems and barriers are we can work to eliminate those problems.
    It is a long and difficult road.
    This week I also realized we need a newsletter. Just something short to explain what we are doing on a bi weekly or monthly basis and what we are planing.
    This will help eliminate the dozen emails I have to send after a meeting that update everyone. If I don't send those emails I get so backed up later that I often just cut information right out since its too hard to text or email.
    If you are just joining us thank you.
    Be sure to subscribe and share us. We need that support so we can continue to expand our efforts.

  • Secrets of Job Seeking Revealed?

    We have been busy this morning adding jobs to our job list.

    Check it out.

    Help us expand it. We want your ideas for areas to add.
  • Is This The Cure for Anxiety?

    Inmates face anxiety upon their release prison. A subject that until now has been overlooked.
    Society says that your worst nightmare would be to be sent to state prison. 10 or 20 or more years incarcerated and surrounded by the "worst of the worst". But what would you say if I told you that for a lot of inmates their worst nightmare is to be released from prison?
    You would probably call me crazy.
    Join us as we examine Post Release Anxiety and Depression.
    Coming Soon
  • We Found Something Amazing

    If You check out our site form time to time you will see that we are always adding new things to our tabs at the top. Everything from writers who are passionate about criminal justice, to our contact information, to job plans, to external websites we find helpful. Deep Breath. Its a lot to check out.
    Today we added yet one more, Home Plan concepts.
    Check it out under the Resources Tab at the top of your screen.
    We are adding to it all the time.

  • The Service of The Future?

    Today marks the first time in 2017 that the PA Felons Aid Alliance will make a major announcement regarding a new service we offer. Starting Today we will offer a basic form of our new service. As popularity grows and licensing is acquired we will go full scale with the project.

    Peer Support is a growing field in which a person struggling with something is paired with another person who knows how they feel and what they can do about it. In the world of criminal justice and all that subject encompasses, the proper term is Forensic Pear Support. In other  worlds a person or group of people who have contact with the prison and court systems who can receive support form others with the same circumstances.

    We will be offering a limited basis program where we offer you basic support and advice. Its the same thing we have been doing  for most of the men who text us but we are being formal about it. As always this service is free of charge to anyone with a criminal record.

    As a bonus we are examining ways to come visit those who are in prisons or halfway houses so that we can support them and help ease their fears and concerns.

    We hope you are subscribed to our site so you can continue to get announcements and advice. Feel free to comment below.

    Thank You.
  • David Packer, The Untold Story

    David Packer is a man torn apart by grief. A man who's daughter was murdered, after being sexually assaulted by his ex wife Sarah Packer and her boyfriend Jacob Sullivan.
    David Packer is also at the edges of a media storm where he has been portrayed as a serial pedophile, a gypsy, a deviant lover of sexual torture, and an egomaniac.

    But, who is the real David Packer?

    We sat down with him to find out.We have the real story and right now its being transcribed and sent to a lawyer for approval. We have answers, explosive revelations, and the real version of certain events. Tune in this week as we dig into this case and fact check several media stories that have it wrong.
    We find out once and for all, the real story of David Packer.

    We answer the following questions:
    -Who is the David Packer of today?
    -Whos idea was it to adopt Sarah and Davids children?
    -Who is really at fault for Graces murder?
    -Did the state have a warning years in advance?
    -Was Sarah Packer a deviant?
    -Plus several more bombshells we cant yet reveal.

    Tune In to hear the real story, told by the real man. Plus exclusive clips of the live interview (sorry some of its classified material at this point).

    Editors Note: We hear at the PA Felons Aid Alliance decided to take up this story because we believe that people can change if given the right mindset, conditions, and circumstances. We don't think every person will change but some people like David will and have. We wanted to give David the chance to speak about these events first hand. We do not support nor advocate for Davids past behaviors. We simply want to portray the truth.
  • Three major events hapeninig next week!

    Upcoming in the next two weeks we will be having several big stories and in depth articles. We are also going to be adding a major component to the Alliance. The next 14 days are going to be pretty big for us. We hope you are subscribed so you don't miss a single moment.

    David Packer, The untold Story.
    Recently in the news has been the tragic story of Sarah Packer murdering her daughter Grace. The PA Felons Aid alliance has obtained an in depth interview with the girls father David Packer. Hear the untold side the mainstream media is not talking about. A man remorseful of the things he has done and grieving the death of his daughter. Tune in for that story next week.

    The Closer of SCI Pittsburgh. 
    Hear the story of why lawmakers in PA are closing the facility and what is next for the Department of Corrections. Including a small interview with Secretary Wetzel. Head of the Department of Corrections.
    What does the DOC see as the future and what can be said about roomers to close several halfway houses.
    Tune in next week for that story

    The PA Felons Aid Alliance Top Secret Project.
    We will be revealing our newest alliance feature. It may change how men are released from the Department of Corrections and how they are treated once released. This project has been ongoing for some time and we are very excited to announce it. We anticipate next week announcing this.

  • Criminal Justice Around The World

    A look at the Criminal Justice systems in place in a handful of countries around the world.

    In our current condition as humans we are very keen on criminal justice. In nations and civilizations past we have taken many approaches to the subject. Surprisingly placing people in prison is a concept that has only become popular recently. At most points in history we have taken a greater interest in public humiliation, execution, painful punishments, and exile (that's where we get Australia from). Placing a human in a cage for sometimes decades was not a traditionally favored punishment. Mainly due to the pointlessness of it. When you imagine the concept you are agreeing to place untold countless "undesirable" people into a facility and feeding them, clothing them, freeing them of taxes, and providing for their every need. Its no wonder the subject of corrections gets a lot of people rather hot under the collar.
    The methods for placing someone in a prison cell vary from location to location.

    United States.
    In the United States of America prison cells generally house two men or two women. Women and men are separated. States determine exactly how their prisons run unless a person has committed a federal offense. Inmates day to day are expected to engage in some form of work duty or education and can purchase commissary. The United States houses the worlds largest prison population. United States inmates are also some of the most vocal about their own rights and commonly attempt to learn law or employ fellow inmates to test prison conditions in their own countries court systems. In 2008 the Unites States had a staggering 1,518,559 inmates.

    Lately in the news we have been hearing a lot about Russia. The Russians are famous for very harsh prison conditions. In general if a person is convicted of most violent crimes and crimes against the state they are likely to spend the rest of their lives in a prison cell with as many other humans as can fit. Russia boasts more than 850000 inmates in their system a number that is down drastically from the past. They commonly use Prison Camps. One difference to US prisons is the inter prison competitions. They employ the use of prison to prison soccer matches, baseball, and other forms of competitive sport. Inmates are also used for prison labor groups that work in fields, mines, and other industries. The Stalin era of permanent exile and extreme death and decay are fading within the Russian prison system.

    German prisons are noted for their sense of innovation. Germans are naturally innovative people. With a prison system focused on rehabilitation and not punishment they use tactics very different from a lot of the rest of the world. The prisons are often experimenting with decorations in the cells to improve attitude and the prisoners performance. Recently a proposal was made for a prison without corners. The concept being that a prison with rounded edges, soft earth tones, plenty of plants, and lots of windows would elevate the moods of the inmates and lead to better mind sets. The jury is still out on weather or not the German system has a significant effect on crime rates.

    Turkish prisons are notorious for getting a bad reputation. However it is deserved. Though since 2000 inmates in the Turkish Maximum security system have taken actions into their own hands. In an effort to combat horrific conditions the inmates starved themselves to death. After 12 inmates died a second group started to refuse food. Facing pressure from several world wide watch dog groups the Turkish government has started to make changes in their system. The Turkish prison system has grown to over 100000 inmates since the 90s saw a steady yearly    increase. Turkish prisons are separated into low, medium, and high security.

    The India Court System has decided that individual states in India will regulate their own prisons but employs a set of three basic rules. First rule, a person in prison will not become something less than a person. Second rule, a person in an India prison is entitled to all rights of a human limited by  imprisonment. Last rule, there is no excuse for aggravating the suffering already obviously existing in the process of incarceration. These three basic rules govern all aspects of the India prison system. However, harsh and primitive conditions are still prevalent due mainly to limitations for local authorities to pay for their own prisons. For this reason only truly dangerous and harsh crimes carry a prison sentence.

    Canadian prisons are surprisingly hostile. The inmates within the system are notoriously violent and aggravated most of the time. There are also charges that indigenous peoples in Canada are treated the worst. According to several inside reports the notoriously rigid system is based on an educational model. Meaning the inmates primary focus is some form of education and learning.
    Inmates are either non determinate sentenced or a determinate sentence. Meaning they have a chance of parole or not. In context this means you might get a 5 to 10 year sentence or a 10 year flat sentence. The 5 to 10 year sentence would mean you are paroled upon approval at 5 years.
    The Canadian Prison System is governed by the Correctional Service of Canada (Service correctionnel du Canada).

    The little known and often not  heard from country of Moldova has a  potential solution for the rest of the worlds prisons. Moldova is currently being hailed for reducing its prison violence problems. The Moldova prison system uses the Department of Penitentiary Institutions to dictate its prison systems. Moldova has a small prison population of  7,872. Despite the incredible reduction in their prison population and the harms that occur behind bars Moldova is still harshly criticized for having substandard prisons. Glass less windows, 5 men to a cell and almost all inmates must share their bed with their fellow inmates. No running water, no sewage treatment systems, and poor food top the lists of complaints form human rights groups.

    So there you have it. A brief look at several world prisons. So you may be asking yourself why these countries. Very simply these countries compose our viewership. The smallest is Moldova with over 60 visits. The top being Russia and The United States with several thousand.
    Be sure to subscribe at the bottom of your screen to receive articles like this in your inbox. Also, be sure to comment and to share this post to social media. Start the conversation.
  • Quick Website Update

    We have added a lot of links to our drop down menus at the top of the screen.
    Check Them out. To see what we are up to.
    We are going to keep adding every week.
  • Nothing is ever hopeless

    I get tired of hearing people say that something is hopeless. No situation that exists is so bad that it has no hope of resolution. Hopeless feelings just mean its easier to not think of the possibility that a solution exists.
    13 years ago tomorrow I broke my mothers heart. My life changed forever. I was handcuffed against the wall. I could feel the mans muscles. I knew the situation had reached a rather difficult point. I was being shipped off to a secure juvenile hall. In the car before I surrendered my mother played 100 years by 5 for fighting. She cried. She said "this isn't forever". I would not return to the civilian world for nearly 10 years and as a very different man.
    Our bad choices in life lead us down pathways that can make or break us. Sometimes we experience incredible transformation. Other times we don't change.
    I come across men and women every day who are amazingly well put together for what they have been through in life. But underneath that polished exterior they undoubtedly have some skeletons or ghosts ratteling. They go along hoping nothing breaks those old monsters loose.
    What amazes and frustrates me is when people get into their messes and the tide goes out. Out of ideas and energy they throw their hands up and scream about how hopeless things are.
    If I had thought about how hopeless my situation was 13 years ago, I wouldn't be here. Whether good or bad I would not be the man I am today.
    My goal with this alliance is to always be your way out of a tight spot.
    Perhaps someday we can eradicate hopelessness.

  • Update

    To Update all Curious Individuals of what we are up to.

    We are working to obtain permission to visit several county jails and facilities and to speak to the residents. This will expand the number of people we are helping and reach more people who are incarcerated, on supervision, or have a criminal record.

    For Security Reasons we will not be announcing the facilities or our tours of them.

    Stay Tuned for more to come soon.
  • Attorney General Nomine: Jeff Sessions

    In general and by policy 2.3 we do not take a stance on political matters:
    " -political discussion. The alliance does not take a political stance on any matter not related to crime or punishment. In that case a pro-political party stance shall be avoided. Alliance members will rarely engage in political debate or discussion when interacting with the public on behalf of the alliance."

    However By Position 3.3 in the Alliance Handbook (Available Soon),:
     "3 Crime and Punishment

        The alliance believes that people are innocent until they are proven guilty. Though the alliance does not take a pro position on any matter related to crime and punishment a rare exception can be made.

        First, we believe that prisons are overcrowded, under funded, and in general do not do enough to prepare inmates for civilian life. It is the goal of the alliance to give those inmates tools and materials that may help alleviate those problems..."
    We do retain a clause that we believe warrants a response to the confirmation hearing conducted to determine if Senator Jeff Sessions will become the United States Attorney General.

    At this time we wish to give our stance and publicly demonstrate that we do not feel he would make a good Attorney General for the reasons we have set forth below. Specifically because, for those reasons, he would not represent a position we would agree with on matters of Crime and Punishment.

    While being questioned by Senator Lindsey Graham (R), Senator Jeff Sessions was asked about Guantanamo Bay detention camp he remarked (along with Senator Graham) that the prison should remain open because "A great deal of money has been put into that project".

    Our stance is that an unacceptable and large number of allegations of human rights violations have occurred on site. Many of these allegations have been of a variety that warrants closure of the prison. Compelling evidence shows that the facility is also overcrowded. Again, we believe this would warrant a closure of the facility.

    Lastly, the fact that Senator Sessions reasons to keep the facility open because of how much money is invested is indicative that Senator Sessions (in our opinion) does not have human rights  interests of the detains in mind. Basic deprivations of food, water, a functional toilet, religious materials, and even a source of light were reasons to close Alcatraz Prison in 1963. However, according to Senator Sessions the same reasons are not good enough to close Guantanamo Bay simply because so much money has been spent. In the same argument one could say that any crime family, gang, or drug cartel has invested a great deal of money. Or an organization regardless of accusations of fraud or corruption has spend to much money to be closed.
    To much money spent on something is not a reason to maintain an institution that has been accused of mistreating human beings.

    Due to Senator Sessions obvious position on this matter we believe he would contribute to events, policy, procedure, law, and decisions that could further aggravate a growing problem in American Prisons. Nearly every state in the United States has invested large sums of money into their criminal justice systems. Apparently this is reason enough in Senator Sessions opinion to maintain our unacceptable quality, quantity, and current functions of our prisons in the United States.

    We here at the Felons Aid Alliance believe that prisons in the United States require reform and revision regardless of how much money has been spent.

    For those reasons we publicly do not support Senator Sessions for Attorney General
  • Annual file audit report

    A random file audit was conducted

    Total files reviewed. 6
    File 1. Pass
    File 2. Pass
    File 3. Fail
    File 4. Fail
    File 5. Pass
    File 6. Split p\f

    Total. 17 of 36 possible failures
               19 of 36 possible passes

    1. File completeness
    2. Frequency of access
    3. Use of proper forms
    4. Proper stamps
    5. Access log in use
    6. Intake forms

    Areas most failed.
    Frequency of access
    Use of proper forms
    Intake forms

    All files audited will have their deficiency points corrected.
    A video was shot of the audit and will be available after 3PM eastern time JAN 5, 2017 at www.felonhelp.com

  • Welcome to 2017!


    Would Like to Wish all a Happy New Year!

    2017 Brings Great Things!

    Big things are COMING SOON!
    We have saved special announcements, big decisions, and our future plans for 2017.
    Well be posting soon so subscribe to keep up.
  • Common Myths About Felons

    In preparation for my new book, The Truth About Things Volume 1, Prisons. I am writing this list of popular myths about felons. Hopefully it can shed some light on a few things we all may have some misunderstandings about.

  • Parolees face tough times during the holidays

    The Holidays Can Be Rough For Those On Parole and Probation

    Its a common scenario. A guy or gall is on parole and their parole agent sees a potential problem with the Holidays. Weather it be the drinking of alcohol during new years and Christmas, or the presence of Children during Holiday events. Parole agents seem to go into a heightened state of worry around the Holiday season. So, it is no surprise
  • Help For the Holidays

    We have a Go Fund Me page to pay for printing and postage, during the Holidays.
    Inmates are very encouraged to receive Holiday greetings cards and letters. We want to put together a few
  • Alliance MEMO (Important Changes)

    Due to recent events and a discussion with a mentor of mine, we have to address something important.
        There are a few things that need addressed. Due to the creation of the Alliance handbook (publication is delayed by a few weeks) several activities and concepts must hereby stop. Policy is important and will over ride any decision made that violates that policy.

        1. No person is appointed as an alliance representative unless they are Director, Assistant Director, or Creative Coordinator. Individual people are still members But are not allowed to hand out business cards we send them, leave pamphlets with others, and etc. However we have no control over your individual actions. We do not encourage any rebellion of DOC policy.

         2. If you have a ministry or other similar activity you are not a spokesperson for the alliance. You operate an independent ministry or outreach that we view as acceptable or that we encourage. Your activities are your own.

        3. In regards to issues in your CCC or Halfway House program: Please contact other organizations about this. An organization we recommend is The PA Prison Society, 245 N. Broad St., Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA 19107. (215)564-4775. They want individual letters (no matter how many) not one letter that speaks for everyone.
    According to their public website they are able to assist or advise you with issues in your facility. By law they are set up to do that. We are not. We (The PA Felons Aid Alliance) specifically do research and provide information to those who otherwise can not do so themselves. We can look information up for you, print forms and instructions, and provide you educational material on any subject that is on the internet and not in violation of your parole, probation, or the DOC/BCC policy. That service can help you obtain a home plan, a job, a stable support network, or improve your mind while you are incarcerated.

        4. We can not and are not a 3rd party representative between you and the Prison Society. We can not forward messages to any party for you. We can get you in touch with phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and websites but we can not make the calls, send the emails, or bring up your situation to any 3rd party for any reason.


    5. From this point forward the concept of Board members within the alliance is ended. No incarcerated person can have power over others, lead others in group activity, or otherwise speak for others. This has been pointed out to us by those with knowledge of the BCC/DOC policy and procedures. The Alliance is currently working to receive BCC approval to be able to volunteer inside of facilities. Any activity that will compromise that effort may be met with civil actions. We have made it clear that no one speaks for us.
    If this aggravates or angers anyone then you do not understand the hard work and sacrifices we have had to make to help people who are incarcerated or have criminal records.

        6. You must have a file with us in order to receive our services. We offer an application for this purpose. Please write to us at The Pennsylvania Felons Aid Alliance, 2093 Buffalo Creek Road, Mifflinburg, PA 17844, (570)939-0008 to obtain this form. If you have a client ID (A File) you will receive a client ID reminder card in this letter.

    Lastly, Please we are not asking you to display or otherwise pass out this memo. This does not stop you from letting others read it but we are not advocating for anyone to broadcast it for us.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time of growth within our group. We look forward to having all of you with us into the future.

    Looking to Volunteer with Us?
    After Incarceration you may be eligible to help us. Contact us for further information.

    Jason Stover


  • Go Fund Me page

    We have set up a go fund me page to pay for printing and postage as we continue to work on making our selves legit. For legal reasons we
  • The 2016/2017 Policy and Procudures Manual

     We are currently working on the PA Felons Aid Alliance Policy and Procedures Manual.
    It will be available as a link at the top of the screen starting on March 1, 2017 (we are experiencing a slight delay) and will be available in:
               Kindle E-Book Format                   $1.00
               Digital Copy                                    Free
               and Printed Format                         $5.00 + Free Shipping
                             Inmate Cost                       $2.00 + Free Shipping

    We will be adding a Book Country Format and Others as they become available.
    We want the maximum access possible.

    We will begin Distribution on that date. So no need to do anything but subscribe so you get an email the moment it comes out!

  • We are adding website features

    We have finalized our link list on our desktop site (PC Users). However, we are not sure if it is available yet on mobile.
    You can access each item from that list or from here:
    We have taken care to preserve each item on site rather than on a 3rd party service. This will ensure that everyone can access each item all of the time and print all of the time. Other services were making users sign up for an account first. We did not find that to be agreeable with easy access.

    We are constantly working to bring you better services. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Project Red Zone, Unvailed.

    Imagine a mapping software that can create a zone of information and give a percentage chance that a home plan for a parolee will likely pass or fail the toughest of the parole boards criteria for location.
  • Sex Offenders may no longer be jailed for being homeless

    A shift in the way that Pennsylvania treats the "Untouchables"* in its state system may turn the tide on incarceration of homeless sex offenders.

         44 year old Samuel Grove ended an 8 year prison sentence in 2010 only to be free for two days before being taken back into court for the charge of (get this) a probation violation for homelessness. This is a common practice in Pennsylvania. There could be thousands being generously cared for
  • Revolutionary or Bad Idea?

    A judge in Boulder Colorado sentenced Austin James Wilkerson to 2 years Prison time and 20 years of intense, sex offender special probation. The public has slammed the judge for not
    giving a sentence proportionate tot he crime. But the Judge is defending his decision making clear that the wants Wilkerson to make an attempt to fix his life and his behaviors. Do we really live now in a society that has thrown away the second chance? I realize he did a terrible thing..but the Judges idea is revolutionary.
  • Learning is Valuable to an X Con.

    Today I had a day of enjoyment of my freedom. As many of you know, I was released from custody on August 6, 2016 when my 10-year prison sentence ended. The return has not been very hard. I did have to travel a lot and I slept in a bus station in a city I have never lived in or visited. I have seen a lot so far in a few short days and of course,
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